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Super Simple Papercut Father's Day Cards

13 June 2014  |  Nicola

Papercut cards and prints are hugely popular at the moment; from simple graphic lettering to intricate and personalised illustrations, they’re a great way to celebrate a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or even just to let someone know you’re thinking of them. With Father’s Day less than two days away, if you’ve left it too late to find a decent card, don’t panic – today we’re going to show you how to make a simple papercut Father’s Day card that will look like it came straight from the shelves of the local card shop.

You Will Need:

Card – either plain coloured card or printed scrapbook card for the papercut, plus extra for the background or embellishment

Printed lettering – either printed from a computer, or drawn by hand

A craft knife

A cutting board or thick card

Washi tape for decoration (optional)

Spray mount

A pencil

1. Start by deciding what you want your papercut to consist of; lettering in a clear, bold font is the easiest thing to start with, and it also gives you the ability to write something personal.

2. Type your phrase out on a computer and print it out, or draw it by hand – make sure the words are relatively close together, as you’ll have to work on joining them all later on. Using a handwritten font where the letters are already joined is a great idea, as it cuts out the amount of work you have to do later – we used ‘Louisianne’.

3. The main thing to remember when creating a papercut is that everything needs to be joined to something else, or the border – it’s pretty similar to creating a stencil, except you’re cutting out the opposite areas. Place a sheet of plain paper or tracing paper over the top of your lettering, then make sure all the words are linked – if they’re not already joined, adding in support bars can work just as well. Basically, your design should look something like this:

4. To help you keep track of which parts you should be cutting, shade in the negative space with a pencil – this will reduce the chance of mistakes occurring at a crucial moment!

5. Slowly cut out your design – it’s better to take a little extra time than to accidentally cut across the middle of a letter because you’re trying to work too quickly.

6. Once you’ve finished cutting, fold a piece of card in a contrasting colour or print in half, then cover the reverse of your design in spray mount and press down firmly on top. Finish off by adding any extra card embellishments or washi tape, and then give your creation to your Dad. Happy Father’s Day!

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