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Sweet and Simple Mother's Day Planters

26 March 2014  |  Nicola

Traditionally, Mother’s Day gifts usually consist of flowers and chocolates ; a sweet and simple way to show your Mum just how much you treasure her, nothing brightens up the day more than some beautifully scented stocks or brightly coloured daffodils. The only problem is that while they might look nice for a while, they’re probably not going to last much beyond a week – so why not ditch the blooms and give your Mum a plant instead? Houseplants are a great way of bringing nature indoors, and last the whole year round – we think they look great hung up in the bathroom or kitchen, so we’ve come up with a nifty little hanging planter tutorial using a jam jar and some bakers twine.

You will need:

Jam jars

Bakers twine

Various washi tapes

Colourful beads with large holes

A bulldog clip

A tapestry needle

1. Start by decorating your jar with washi tape – go as crazy as you like with neons and patterns, or keep it simple with block colours and monochrome.

2. Cut six 100cm lengths of bakers twine.

3. Take three lengths of twine, and clip them into the bulldog clip almost halfway down. Plait a short section which measures half the diameter of the neck of the jar, then temporarily fasten with a small piece of tape. Repeat the process for the remaining three lengths of twine. (A good tip is to make the plaited lengths slightly smaller – you want it to be a tight fit, so the jar doesn’t just slip through.)

4. Bring both pieces together, and clip into the bulldog clip at the bottom of the plaits – you then need to plait all six strands together, until you have something that looks like this:

Again, temporarily fasten the end of the large plait with a small piece of tape.

5. Place your jam jar between the lengths of plaited twine, and then repeat step four, until you have something that looks like this:

6. Bring both large plaited sections down the sides of the jar, and then underneath until they meet in the middle. Tie all the ends together in a firm knot, and then thread on your beads – you might find that a tapestry needle comes in handy.

7. Decide how low you want your planter to hang, and then cut two lengths of twine that are double that measurement. Loop the lengths around the points where the smaller plaits join together, then bring up and tie in a knot.

8. With the plants, you can either leave them in their flower pots if they’ll fit into the jar, or replant them in the jar completely. Succulents and air plants are the best options if you’re going to plant straight in – make sure you add some stones in the bottom for drainage, and don’t overwater. 

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